Apel umanitar Dana Panaitiu

August 28, 2009 •apel umanitar •Views: 1054

Dana Panaitiu is diagnosed with brain metastases that can be treated only with high energy type Cyberknife. This technology is not in Romania, and the cost of the cheapest intervention is 16,000 euros in Istanbul, Turkey.
Medical intervention must be done in a very short time because it is a very serious disease with small chanches in the most of the cases.

If you are able and willing to help Dana, you can do it by donating money in these accounts:

LEI = RO32RZBR0000060011916558

EUR = RO90RZBR0000060011916581

The owner of these accounts is Panaitiu Victor Stefan
These accounts are opened at Raiffeisen Bank.
The adress of the bank is Piata Unirii, Nr. 1, Sector 3, Bucuresti
Telefon (021) 313 7115
Fax (021) 314 9496

Or you can donate 3 euros by sending an text message

For Romania at 1263 with following: txt cancer
For France at 83767 with following: txt hope
For Spain at 5332 with following: txt hope

You can contact the family for more information at:

004 – 0744527922 / 0769470786 / 0769213831

Thank you for your help!

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