Children age 7 and 8, involved in the cult of personality of Hungarian war criminal Wass Albert

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The cult of personality of Hungarian war criminal Wass Albert continues in Romania in the areas controlled by the political organization of ethnic Hungarians in Romania, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (in Romanian, UDMR). Children are now being involved at public events where the cult of personality of war ciminal Albert Wass is promoted.

I am reproducing below a translating of an article published in February this year by a Hungarian language newspaper from Covasna country (in Transylvania) that talks about a public event of commemorating the ”public personality” of Count Wass Albert, a war criminal responsible for the death of Romanians and Jews in the Second World War in Transylvania. Several children were involved in the event, which took place in Sfântu Gheorghe, capital of Covasna county, a town led by mayor Antal Arpad, a member of UDMR.

They commemorated Wass Albert 

Organized by HVIM (t.n. – an organization that promotes Hungarian revizionism) at the memorial tree planted by the HVIM in the reformed churchyard from Sfântu Gheorghe, the writer, poet and public personality Count Albert Wass, who died on February 17, 1998, was commemorated on Saturday. Vizi Abigel spoke on behalf of the organizers. Publicist Zoltan Bedo spoke on behalf of the Movement for Lasting Hungarian, with a short presentation of the life of this great personality. Sisters Lilla (8 years) and Rita (7 years) Bacs, and also schoolgirls Kerekes Katalin and Vass Emoke recited poems written by Wass Albert. The public event ended with wreaths and singing of hymns.”

Source: Szekely hirmondo newspaper, no. 36 of 02.22.2016 (translated from Hungarian by European Center of Studies Covasna – Harghita)

In May 1946 both Albert Wass and his father Endre Wass were sentenced to death in absence by the Cluj Court (in Transylvania) and their possessions were confiscated being found guilty for the events that occurred in September 1940 when a Hungarian lieutenant named Pakucs arrested six residents of Sucutard and executed four of them (two Romanians and two Jews) in the village of Taga. Albert Wass was found responsible for instigating and causing the carnage from the village of Muresenii de Campie when Hungarian soldiers, led by Lieutenant Gergely Csordás, killed 11 civilians (details here).

This is the English version of this article.

PHOTO: War criminal Wass Albert,

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2 Responses to Children age 7 and 8, involved in the cult of personality of Hungarian war criminal Wass Albert

  1. Gábor says:

    Wass Albertet was convicted by a communist court, the verdict was unlawful.
    Wass Albert lived in the USA.
    The FBI investigated twice against Albert Wass.
    They investigated war crimes.
    Both cases were deemed innocent.
    Dan Tanasa communist?
    We expect credibility from a journalist.

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