EXCLUSIVE. How my books were stolen at the international conference ”The use of languages ​by local and regional authorities”, organized by Covasna County Council and the Council of Europe PHOTO

The president of the Covasna County Council, Tamas Sandor, member of RMDSZ, the main political organisation representing the ethnic Hungarians of Romania (UDMR in Romanian, DAHR in English), continues to make lying assertions about what happened at the international conference called ”The use of languages ​by local and regional authorities”, which to place on Thursday, May 31st, at …

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Children age 7 and 8, involved in the cult of personality of Hungarian war criminal Wass Albert

The cult of personality of Hungarian war criminal Wass Albert continues in Romania in the areas controlled by the political organization of ethnic Hungarians in Romania, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (in Romanian, UDMR). Children are now being involved at public events where the cult of personality of war ciminal Albert Wass is promoted. I …

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EXCLUSIVE. ActiveWatch violated human rights. The NGO was sentenced to pay moral damages to a Romanian human rights activist

Covasna County Court rejected March 18th, 2016 the appeal of Romanian NGO ActiveWatch against the sentence of Sfântu Gheorghe Town Court that sentenced ActiveWatch to pay moral damages to journalist and human rights activist Dan Tanasa for violating his human rights. In October 2015 the Sfântu Gheorghe Town Court partially upheld the action and sentenced ActiveWatch, led …

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SO, WHY ROMANIA? This is Brașov and surroundings

Hello again dear friends, I’m Danny Paun and I’m pleased to present you my new film about an epic country…Romania! Here we are after a few months with another production that showcases a bit of the Romania’s nature and beauty. It to us a while in getting this ready just in time for a special …

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Stealing the Last Forest: Austria’s Largest Timber Company, Land Rights, and Corruption in Romania

Romania is home to Europe’s last remaining virgin forests and some of the continent’s largest populations of bears, wolves, and lynx. Theseforests are under serious threat due to rampant illegal logging. Over a multi-year investigation, EIA documented this illegal logging and found a major driver behind this destruction was an Austrian-based timber and wood processing …

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DOCUMENT. Romanian Defence Minister, ex-member of communist nomenklatura

25 years after the events that to place in December 1989, when the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown by a popular ”Revolution”, the former active members of the communist nomeklatura are still leading the destinies of Romania. Galați, Romania, August 26, 2015. Defence Minister Mircea Dusa said Wednesday at the Smardan firing range …

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Romanian ForMin: Hungary PM’s promotion of revisionist symbols in no way making bilateral relation more efficient

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry says that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s posting “revisionist symbols” on will in no way help the bilateral Romanian-Hungarian relation to become “ efficient”, as it breaks the provisions of the Treaty of Understanding, Cooperation and Good Neighbourss forged by Romania and Hungary in 1996, as well as the …

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EXCLUSIVE. NGO Active Watch, led by Mircea Toma, sanctioned for HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION / DOCUMENT

PHOTO: Mircea Toma, President of ActiveWatch – Media Monitoring Agency (romania-actualitati.ro) The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP) has sanctioned NGO Active Watch – Media Monitoring Agency for the violation of the right to private life and the right to protection of personal data, according to Romanian Law no. 677/2001. The sanction comes after …

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Austrian Company Exposed Offering Bonuses for Illegal Romanian Timber

BUCHAREST—The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), an environmental organization with offices in Washington, D.C. and London, has released a new video exposing the leadership of the largest forest products company in Romania, the Austrian-based Holzindustrie Schweighofer, willingly and knowingly accepting illegally harvested timber and incentivizing additional cutting through a bonus system. This evidence comes as Schweighofer …

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EXCLUSIVE. Romanian MFA: Hungary refuses to give back Gojdu Foundation’s patrimony DOCUMENT

Hungary refuses to implement an agreement signed with Romania in 1937 in which Hungary agreed to give back the patrimony of the Gojdu Foundation. A document of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) proves once again that the agreement signed in 2005 by Romanian PM Călin Popescu Tăriceanu and Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, …

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