EXCLUSIVE. Romanian MFA: Hungary refuses to give back Gojdu Foundation’s patrimony DOCUMENT

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Hungary refuses to implement an agreement signed with Romania in 1937 in which Hungary agreed to give back the patrimony of the Gojdu Foundation. A document of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) proves once again that the agreement signed in 2005 by Romanian PM Călin Popescu Tăriceanu and Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Răzvan Ungureanu, regarding the issue of the Gojdu Foundation was an act of national treason.

According to a document of International Law and Treaties Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest, the last agreement between Hungary and Romania on the issue of the goods of the Gojdu Foundation is The agreement between Romania and Hungary on the final settlement of the affairs concerning the Gojdu Foundation, signed on 27 October 1937. Based on this Agreement, Hungary signed on to give back to Romania ”the whole patrimony of Gojdu Fundation which is found in Hungary, with all rights and obligations related, and it called for patrimony to be made available to the body representing the Fundation”.

According to Romanian MFA, the Annex of the Agreement of 1937 included also a list of the goods of Gojdu Foundation on Hungarian territory.

Romanian MFA says that Romanian diplomatic efforts aim also the execution of this Agreement.

The Romanian MFA document (please find document here) signed by Alina Orosan, director, and Ana Maria Nicola, director, proves once again that the agreement between Romania and Hungary signed in October 2005 by Romanian Prime Minister Călin Popescu Tăriceanu and Romanian Foreign Minister Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu for the establishment of a new Gojdu Foundation was an act of national treason. Rather than pursuing the enforcement of the Agreement between Romania and Hungary signed in 1937, Tăriceanu and Ungureanu acted in the interest of Budapest, setting up a new foundation according to the Hungarian legislation, thus ignoring the desire stated by Emanuil Gojdu in his testament.

Further evidence of this national treason is the fact that the establishment of this new foundation was rejected by the Romanian Parliament and the President of Romania. According to Mediafax, Romanian Senate rejected in early March 2008 the Ordinance for ratification of the Agreement between Romania and Hungary for the establishmet of a new Hungarian-Romanian Gojdu Public Foundation, based in Budapest, whose patrimony included the patrimony of Emanuil Gojdu. The Ordinance was rejected also by the Romanian Chamber of Deputies. Romanian President Traian Basescu signed in mid-March 2008 the decree promulgating the law on the rejection of the Government Emergency Ordinance 183/2005 for the ratification of the Agreement between Hungary and Romania.

The same lack of action is continued by current Romanian PM, Victor Ponta, who manifests indolence when it comes to property belonging to Romania and the implementation of an agreement between Romania and Hungary. His last statement on the subject dates December 2012, when he said that the government he leads will analyze the situation of the Gojdu Foundation (details here).

Unfortunately, the MFA document shows two realities very harmful for Romania. First, the document shows the inability of the Romanian authorities to obtain what is the propety of Romania and thus respecting the testament of the great Romanian Emanuil Gojdu. Oscillating between incompetence, neglect, wretcheness and national treason, Romanian diplomacy fails to find the ways to gain control over property that rightfully belongs to Romania (The assets are currently estimated to be worth between $812 million and $1.1 billion).

Secondly, it is worth noting the indolence of Romanian Orthodox Church and the Gojdu Foundation in Sibiu. While the Roman Catholic Church and the Reformed Church took possession of dozens, maybe even hundreds of buildings in Transylvania, in some cases improperly and in breach of the law (a case here) and in some cases without even being the owners (some info here), the management of the Romanian Orthodox Church and of Gojdu Foundation in Sibiu do not act at all, refusing to initiate proceedings in the international courts to recover what is rightfully their property.

While Budapest and the Hungarian community in Romania complain even in the U.S. about the ”religious persecution” of Hungarians and that Romania would not return their belongings, the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Gojdu Foundation in Sibiu are very silent.

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