TRANSYLVANIA NOW FAKE NEWS: No Hungarian sign allowed on the City Hall of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic

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Propaganda website ”Transylvania Now”, funded with public funds by Hungary, is spreading fake news about the situation of Hungarian minority in Romania.

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Attila Szoó, the author of the article published by ”Transylvania Now” website, falsely claims in his article called ”No Hungarian sign allowed in village that’s 97% Hungarian” that no Hungarian sign is allowed on the City Hall of a small village in Harghita county called Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic.

Szoó refers to a legally binding ruling that obliged the mayor to remove the Hungarian inscription „Kozseghaza” from the building of the local municipality.

The trial was initiated by Dan Tanasă, president of a civil rights association. Both the Harghita County Court and the court of appeal (four judges in total) agreed with the arguments presented by Tanasă and obliged the mayor of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic to remove the „Kozseghaza” inscription from the building of the City Hall.

The court did not rule in favor of Tanasă because no Hungarian sign is allowed on the City Hall of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic as Attila Szoó falsely claims in his article. In reality, the term „Kozseghaza”, wich the Hungarian mayor, member of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (DAHR/UDMR), posted exclusively in Hungarian on the City Hall of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic refers to a public institution that has no correspondence in the Romanian public administration.

”Kozseghaza” is a Hungarian term that translates by ”House of the village” (”Casa satului” in Romanian) and it is a term currently used in the public administration of Hungary. The correct term that is accepted by the Romanian public administration and by the law and is currently used extensively all over Transylvania to indicate the term City Hall in Hungarian is „Polgarmesteri Hivatala”.

The Hungarian inscription „Polgarmesteri Hivatala” on the City Hall of Sfântu Gheorghe in Covasna County. No one has protested against this term as it is the correct one.

In fact, at the same time Attila Szoó falsely claims that no Hungarian sign is allowed on the City Hall of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic on the building of the local municipality one can see the Hungarian inscription of local county council, „Helyi Tanacsa”, right next to the Romanian one „Consiliul Local”. So, Hungarian sign is allowed on the City Hall of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic.

City Hall of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic with the Hungarian inscription „Helyi Tanacsa”.
Hungarian inscription „Helyi Tanacsa” on the City Hall of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic.

Moreover, Attila Szoó is inciting hatred by manipulating the facts instead of showing good faith and presenting the facts in an objective manner.

For instance, Szoó refers to Romanian civil right activist Dan Tanasă as being ”a well-known figure for his legal actions against the country’s ethnic Hungarian minority”. This accusation is simply false as Tanasă never sued the Hungarian minority in Romania (one has to be plain stupid to claim a person can sue an entire community of people) but the mayor of a town that did not respect the law and the Romanian Constitution. The judges, not Tanasă, ruled that the mayor of Csíkszentdomokos/Sândominic does not respect the law.

Furthermore, Szoó sees no problem that the inscription „Kozseghaza” was written only in Hungarian on a public building in Romania and overlooks the fact that Hungarian is not an official language in Romania. So, on public buildings in France one can see inscriptions only in French while in Germany public buildings have only German inscriptions on them. In Romania if you have Romanian inscriptions on public institutions is considered discrimination of the Hungarian community. Hungarians are allowed to have Hungarian inscriptions on public institutions but it is still not ok because it is not the one that Attila Szoó and DAHR members want on public institutions in Romania.

Furthermore, Szoó refers to a Hungarian politician that is supporting the secessionism of the so-called Szekely Land as ”civilian human rights defender Zsolt Árus, from Gyergyószentmiklós/Gheorgheni”. So, if Dan Tanasă uses a democratic instrument, like a trial, to combat what he considers to be illegal and four judges say he is right he is considered an enemy of the entire Hungarian community in Romania and therefore Attila Szoó must incite hatred against him, but if Zsolt Árus intervenes in the trial he is considered a ”civilian human rights defender”. Again, this is plain manipulation instead of presenting facts.

In the end, just to confirm again that his article is in fact a fake news meant to incite hatred against a simple person that use democratic means to protest illegal situations, Attila Szoó presents what he calls ”attacks of Dan Tanasă against the ethnic Hungarian minority in Transylvania”. So, one person is attacking an entire community of Hungarians in Romania (1,2 M persons)? And he uses the court and the rule of law to do this? The he must be demonized and Attila Szoó must incite hatred against this Dan Tanasă.

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  1. LoveTheTruth says:

    If someone outside Romania is going to read this will think this is the truth but it is a FAKE NEWS. Below there is another fake news about Romanian reallity. Shame on them:

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