Sponsor of hockey club makes death threat to jurnalist and 15 years old pupil

March 24, 2013 •English •Views: 1545

Csató Kovács Imre (Foto: www.hsccsikszereda.com)

Csató Kovács Imre (Foto: www.hsccsikszereda.com)

Yesterday, an ethnic Hungarian living in Miercurea Ciuc, a small town in Harghita county, in the so-called Szekely Land from Romania, sent me a death threat message, simply because I am a journalist and a social activist for the rights of Romanians in Covasna and Harghita counties, populated in majority by ethnic Hungarians, who are subject of ethnic cleansing by the Hungarians.

The message was sent by Csató Kovács Imre through his Facebook page to my Facebook page and had the following content: ”Te büdös gazember, a torkodat kéne elvágni, a Sabinájéval együtt! Takarodjatok Székelyföldről, terület tolvajok!” The translation of the message is: “You stinking garbage, we should cut off your throat, together with Sabina’s! Get out off Szeklerland, land thieves!”

The death threat message was addressed to me but also to Sabina Elena, a 15 years old pupil from the town of Covasna, also in the so-called Szekely Land from Romania, who these days is in the middle of a huge public scandal after being accused of ”provocation” by Hungarian press in Romania after she went with a headband made of Romanian flag at her school on the 15th of March, a national day in Hungary. Hungarian teachers at her school and also Hungarian pupils considered this gesture as being offensive towards them. Sabina was called in the principal’s office and questioned for her gesture. The principal’s office started an investigation, requested by the School Inspectorate of Covasna County, after the case went public and rumors were that Sabina would be punished for her gesture. Finally she wasn’t. She is still under enormous public pressure by Hungarian media and Hungarian ethnics who are criticizing her.

Sabina is now a symbol of dignity in Romania after thousands of Romanians publicly expressed their solidarity with her gesture and are protested against her being punished for her gesture in several in rallies in the big cities of Romania.

Csató Kovács Imre, the person threatening me and Sabina, is the biggest sponsor of the hockey club HSC Csikszereda from Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita County. The information appears of the website of the club.

This death threat comes after another one, made by an Hungarian citizen a few days ago, who threaten to kill Sabina for her gesture.

I will make a criminal complaint against Csató in the following days.

The death threat message sent by Csató Kovács Imre

The death threat message sent by Csató Kovács Imre

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  1. Emanuel State says:

    Iti recomand sa-l bagi in instanta si sa-l storci de bani. Sau macar sa-si ia ceva ani. Mult noroc

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