EXCLUSIVE. THE TRUTH regarding the Heroes Memorial Day at Uz Valley (Valea Uzului in Romanian): DAHR desecrated the Heroes Day, a national holiday in Romania. Hungarian extremists disturbed a Christian holiday of the Romanians

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In Romania, according to the European tradition, the Memorial Day has by law the status of a national holiday. The legal frame that regulates the unfolding of commemorative events dedicated to the Memorial Day, this year, Thursday, 6th of June, are provided in art. 39 of Law 379/2003, with subsequent amendments, that proclaim the Memorial Day as “national holiday of the Romanian people, in the 40th day from the Holy Easter, the day our Lord Jesus Christ has risen, according to the Romanian tradition”.

See also DIGNITY LESSON ON UZ VALLEY (VALEA UZULUI IN ROMANIAN). The Hungarians covered the crosses of Romanian heroes with garbage bags. The Romanians lighted candles at the crosses of Hungarian soldiers

The text above is part of the substantiation note of Decision no. 369/2019 for the approval of the Program concerning events dedicated to the Memorial Day – 6th of June 2019, issued by the Romanian government, and valid since 4th of June 2019 (details here).

According to the Government Decision no. 369/2019, the Ministry of National Defense also organizes the military and religious events, dedicated to the Memorial Day in military units, learning institutions, military circles and libraries such as: symposiums, meetings with historians and war veterans, visits to honorary graveyards, mausoleums and commemorative war monuments, book expositions, etc.

According to the same document, the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiates special programs for the celebration of Memorial Day, organizes military and religious ceremonies and ensures the public order in the place where the commemorative events are taking place.

On June 6th, at the International Hero Cemetery of Uz Valley (the Ministry of National Defense confirmed the fact that in this cemetery are buried over 1.300 soldiers (Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Russians, Austrians, Italians and Serbians) fallen in the first and second world wars, details here) half a dozen Romanian non-governmental organizations conducted an event dedicated to Memorial Day through which they wanted to manifest respect to the Romanian heroes buried there, but also to the rest of the soldiers.

Naturally, the event should have been organized by the Ministry of National Defense, according to Government Decision 369/2019, but it wasn’t as such. The event was legally approved by the City Hall in Dărmănești, Bacău County (the cemetery in Uz Valley is inside the territory administered by Dărmănești, details here), and the Bacău Prefect Office requested the order enforcement institutions to ensure access to the cemetery and the safety of citizens (details here). The request of the Prefect Office in Bacău came following the decision from the 29th of May 2019 of the president of Harghita County Council, Borboly Csaba and the DAHR (UDMR in Romanian) mayor from Sânmartin, Gergely Andras, to lock down the cemetery’s gate with a chain and a lock (details here).

The deed of the two Hungarian extremists, DAHR (UDMR in Romanian) leaders, to block access to a public cemetery is a contravention, according to the provisions of art. 48, letter b of Law 379/2003, concerning the regime of tombs and war commemorative arts.

On the 6th of June 2019, before the public event organized by multiple Romanian NGO’s, a few hundred Hungarians (there are no official numbers) formed a human chain surrounding the cemetery, with the purpose of blocking the access of Romanians to the grounds of the cemetery. The Hungarians present there were instigated to do so by multiple DAHR (UDMR in Romanian) leaders. For example, the president of Harghita County Council, the DAHR member Borboly Csaba, instigated the Hungarians to come to Uz Valley on the 6th of June, to prevent the Romanians from entering the cemetery (details here). The DAHR senator, Tanczos Barna announced in a press conference on Wednesday, 5th of June, that members of the Hungarian communities of Harghita and Covasna Counties, together with their political leaders,  are organizing a peaceful protest on Thursday, at the cemetery of Uz Valley, to stop Romanians from entering the cemetery on Memorial Day (details here).

Borboly Csaba. PHOTO: facebook.com

In the end, Romanians entered the grounds of the Memorial Cemetery of Uz Valley, forcing the entrance, in spite of the opposition of DAHR leaders and the other Hungarian extremists that were blocking access to a public cemetery. Obviously, the actions coordinated by DAHR leaders to block citizens from accessing the grounds of a war commemorative monument, and most of all on Memorial Day, national holiday in Romania, has all the elements of a deed meant to desecrate the cemetery, the National Memorial Holiday and the memory of all soldiers buried there, no matter their nationality. The Hungarian extremists present there, coordinated by DAHR leaders, defiled the Romanian national holiday of Ascension Day.

The so-called peaceful protest organized by DAHR did not have all the legal notices from the City Hall in Dărmănești, on whose territory the cemetery resides (the cemetery of Uz Valley is part of the territory administered by Darmanesti, details here). Moreover, the Hungarian extremists could have protested until 5 PM, the hour of the beginning for the event organized by the Romanian NGO’s, and then give space to Romanians to mark Memorial Day. Unfortunately, as it was seen, the purpose of the action organized by DAHR was to to block the access of Romanians inside the cemetery, not to protest regarding a situation they consider illegal.

Those who blocked the access in the cemetery of Uz Valley were Hungarians, not Romanians. Those that defiled a memorial cemetery were DAHR leaders, together with other Hungarian extremists, who wanted by any means necessary to disturb a national holiday in Romania and an orthodox holiday.

FOTO: The human chain made by Hungarian extremists incited by DAHR that defiled the Memorial Day on the 6th of June in Uz Valley, facebook.com

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  1. Not Quite says:

    Not quite. Der Spiegel has an article in German, fairly neutral.

  2. Constantin says:

    It is good to know the truth now because in the official European press is only hungarian propaganda (see article from EuroNews written by hungarians)

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